Friday, February 20, 2009 Awards

A Vampyre Story won some awards at,,981  which is great considering this is our first game out the door. Imperfect as it is the game still managed to win Best Graphic Design 2008, from the editors, and won Best Animation and Best Game Play from the Readers Choice. And AVampyre Story got honorable mention in best Story, Best Writing Comedy and Drama (?), Best Setting, Best Music, Best Sound Design, Best 3rd Person Adventure Game, and Best Overall Adventure game 2008. I think we would have won best Inventory Icons too if they had that category. Maybe next year.

I also want to congratulate Tell Tall Games,  for their win for Sam and Max Season 2. Our goal is to win this award by the time we put our third game as well. You learn a lot by making mistakes, and as the saying goes the ‘The third time is the charm.”

I want to thank the editors and readers who voted for us. We really appreciate it, and are working hard to make our 2nd game even better than the first.

We also want to thank Bay Area Sound and the whole crew over there for all their hard earned awards too for AVS, Sam and Max and Strong Bad.

The games that I am going to pick up are Mystery case Files: Return to Ravenhearst, The Lost Crown: A Ghost Hunting Adventure, The Immortals of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure, The Path of the Dragon, and of course Sam and Max Season 2.

Also the Aggie award itself is done in an art style fans of A Vampyre Story and Curse of Monkey Island might find familiar.

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