Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Can't Mona Cross Lake Warg by Simply Flying? What up wit dat?

I got another letter from Confused By Mona Being a Bat and Not Being Able to Cross the Lake. She says:

Dear Bill,

How come Mona can’t turn into a bat and cross the lake? Why the need for a boat? What up with dat?


Confused By Mona Being a Bat and Still Not Being Able To Cross theLlake

Vampires can’t cross running water. This is not a well known fact, but it is common for all evil supernatural creatures to be stopped by pure running water. It is why the Old North Bridge in The Legend of Sleepy Hallow stops the Headless Horseman, or why Mrs. Izard, the villainess in the book The House With a Clock in it’s Walls, couldn’t chase down Lewis & Jonathan Barneveldt and Mrs. Zimmerman that night in the car.

I first learned of this obscure fact also from an episode of the TV show Night Gallery, in an episode called Death on a Barge. Then I bought a HUGE book about vampire called, simply, The Vampire Book, and in it is said that this idea of pure running water warding of evil goes back to the ancient Greeks who believed the same.

Lake Warg is actually not a lake but a reservoir, where water pours in from many rivers and streams from the north and, then pour over the damn at Mortus Labs in the south, so the water is always flowing in Lake Warg, albeit slowly.

Hope that clears up that question, and sorry that wasn’t made more clear in the game. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a vampire or a just a weird sanguinarian or simply curious about vampires in general then I suggest you go to your local library, find one of there old, almost useless TSR 80, get on the Internet, and look it up. Or just look it up on your own PC.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Letters from Fans About AVS Year One

Greetings All,

So I got a few letters from people asking me some questions about A Vampyre Story Year One, our new episodic iPhone/ iPad game we are working on. So let me answer a few. This first one is from Lonely in Tampa.

Dear Bill,

I hear you are making a new game just to make a buck, and reuse all the old art from AVS1. Man! What a rip off. You suck!


Lonely in Tampa.

P.S. Can you send me an autographed copy of Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island?

Well if I ever got my contractually obligated free copies from DTP, I would…or would I? Hmm….

Anyway to your first point. Uh, like, yeah! We would like to make some money, no duh! That is the point of doing business. But the other reason we want to make this game is because…wait for it….we like being creative! Yep, I said it. CREATIVE. We like making stuff up. It’s really fun. You should try it some time Lonely in Tampa. If we were to reuse all the old art from AVS and AVS2 we would be severely limited in how creative we could be, so most of the art for all the AVS Year One Episodes will be original. We will reuse the models for recurring characters like, say, Mona, Froderick, and Shrowdy for example (possibly Inky too). But to explore Draxyslavnaia, it will require new character models, animation, backgrounds, props and music. Plus our rigger needs SOMETHING to do besides script. So, no, this isn’t an excuse to recycle old art to make a quick buck.

Hope that answers your question Lonely in Tampa, and I hope you aren’t lonely for very long. I suggest you buy a ferret.

Next Letter is from Snoogims Manchester, of Poughkeepsie, New York. She writes:


I am a 6 years old girl. Can you make a game about cute kittens? Please!!!I love Kittens.


Snoogims Manchester

Aw! She said ‘love!” That is soooo cute! J And NO, we aren’t going make a game about STUPID god damned kittens. Screw that!

Actually, now that I think about it, I might be able to come up with game based on that idea…Let think about it for a while and I’ll get back to you! Thanks for the inspiration!

Next, speaking of other game ideas, we have a letter from Concerned You aren’t Focusing On One Game. He writes:

Dear Autumn Moon,

You mentioned you have a lot of games your working on. Man! Laaaay-aim. Work on one game at a time! Seriously! You have to FOCUS! Just work on A Vampyre Story Year One, not whatever else you said in the interview. Don’t be lame.


Concerned You aren’t Focusing On One Game

Well CYAOOG I'll do my best not to be lame. And really, we can only focus on one game at a time, trust me. So you needn’t worry. But for the past ten years I have come up with ideas for about ten adventure games and I would ultimately like to work on them all. And we have done some art and design on them so that when a publisher contacts us about doing a game with them we have some ideas ready to pitch to them. They are called pitch documents and developers have to have a few of them lying around, so when one game ends they have some idea of what they are going to pitch next. For example we pitched a gothic horror, pirate and retro sci-fi game to DTP. They naturally picked the Pirate game because Lucas Arts at the time wasn't interested in Monkey island anymore.

So if AVS year One takes off and we can afford to do other games we have many ideas to chose from. I love AVS but I have other ideas too. So have no fear we are focused, like a laser!

Well that is it for this week. Keep those letters coming to, and I will try to answer your questions on this blog as soon as I can.