Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Can't Mona Cross Lake Warg by Simply Flying? What up wit dat?

I got another letter from Confused By Mona Being a Bat and Not Being Able to Cross the Lake. She says:

Dear Bill,

How come Mona can’t turn into a bat and cross the lake? Why the need for a boat? What up with dat?


Confused By Mona Being a Bat and Still Not Being Able To Cross theLlake

Vampires can’t cross running water. This is not a well known fact, but it is common for all evil supernatural creatures to be stopped by pure running water. It is why the Old North Bridge in The Legend of Sleepy Hallow stops the Headless Horseman, or why Mrs. Izard, the villainess in the book The House With a Clock in it’s Walls, couldn’t chase down Lewis & Jonathan Barneveldt and Mrs. Zimmerman that night in the car.

I first learned of this obscure fact also from an episode of the TV show Night Gallery, in an episode called Death on a Barge. Then I bought a HUGE book about vampire called, simply, The Vampire Book, and in it is said that this idea of pure running water warding of evil goes back to the ancient Greeks who believed the same.

Lake Warg is actually not a lake but a reservoir, where water pours in from many rivers and streams from the north and, then pour over the damn at Mortus Labs in the south, so the water is always flowing in Lake Warg, albeit slowly.

Hope that clears up that question, and sorry that wasn’t made more clear in the game. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a vampire or a just a weird sanguinarian or simply curious about vampires in general then I suggest you go to your local library, find one of there old, almost useless TSR 80, get on the Internet, and look it up. Or just look it up on your own PC.

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