Monday, April 27, 2009

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

Ok looks like the cat is out of the bag, or the Ghost Pirate is out of the harbor, or something like that. So yes, Teal Harvest is Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island. Now hold your horses, the game is not Monkey Island, but Ghost Pirates is definitely inspired by it, but it is also very inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Disneylnad / World theme Parks. Other influences are books like Treasure Island, and On Strange Tides, and a whole slew of movies like POTC, Road to El Dorado, the Little mermaid, the TV show Lost, Live and Let Die, Skelton Key, Serpent and the Rainbow, Hook, Peter Pan, etc.- just lots of influences. And some stuff we just pulled out of our...heads.

There is going to be a preview article in PC Games in Germany and I don’t want to reveal anything about the game until that article has hit the shelves. But I will say this, Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island is a bit more serious in plot and tone than the MI games. I think of MI as a farce like the movie Blazing Saddles , where as Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island is a more serious and has more drama in it like Full Throttle or the movie The Incredibles. Though Ghost Pirates will look a lot like the CMI (hopefully better), it’s tone and feel will be it’s own.


But that is all I have to say on it now. So be sure to pick up a copy of PC Games or head over to their web site.


PS The pirate on the cover is one of a few ghost pirates in the game, not the main character, nor even the villain.


PPS And the reason we made this game is because I always wanted to make my own pirate game. Over the past ten years I have been thinking about this game and DTP gave me the chance to make it. Thanks DTP!


PPPS I like making games from the monster's perspective, which seems pretty obvious now. I mean really? Who wants to play a regular human? Monsters are so much cooler!


PPPPS Please send all PR and press requests to DTP. They handle the marketing and PR for Ghost Pirates.


  1. Fantastic News. The only disappointing bit is that AVS 2 won't be released for about 1.5 years. I expected it much sooner....

  2. In the News about Teal Harvest you say you plan to release the game in September, but the article says beginning 2010...

    was this a decision you made (because the game needs more time), or dtps (since they already have 2 high profile titles in the pipeline for an autumn release (black mirror 2 & gray matter))?

  3. Sorry jumped the gun on September. That was one of the possible dates, but DTP ended up wanting to release the game after Christmas. We tried doing two games at one time, but that proved to be too tough on our limited resources, so that is why we are doing one game after the other now instead of two at the same time. Yes that does mean AVS2 will be after Ghost Pirates but it may not be out as long after as you think.

  4. Hey, that`s really good news, seems to be a great year with Ghost Pirates... and AVS2 ;-)

    But I hope the humor in Ghost Pirates
    comes in spite of the serious story
    not too short ?!?

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  6. Great news, I start the countdown.

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  9. greetings to all ...

    when is the ENGLISH version of "Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island" going to be released ?
    I've not seen any activity here or on the Ghost Pirates web site for quite a while ...

    I hope things are still progressing ...

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