Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not Another Pirate game!

So I was looking as some forums that were discussing Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, and one thing that popped up that I wanted to address went something like this ”Aw man! not another pirate game?!!” Well I agree there are a lot out there and we did pitch a lot of different game ideas and do have a lot of original ideas for games, - don’t we all really? But the game pitch that seemed to get the most traction was Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island. I love pirates and I haven’t worked on a pirate game since 1997 so for me it’s been 12 years and I have been itching to do another one.

But I also think people really liked the art I did on Curse of Monkey Island and wanted to see some more of it. Lucas hasn’t done a pirate game in a while so I think publishers like DTP/ Anaconda saw that fans were lamenting this fact. So they thought that Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island might be something fans would like. And we all have to admit Pirates are pretty popular right now, so this type of game would be less risky than some of the other unusual ideas we had proposed, and would be easier to market. The Ghost Pirate idea had a lot of positives going for it.

      And in this game you don’t play a clever but awkward want to be pirate nerd, instead you play ghosts. Now I love monsters and I have always wanted play one. Whenever I play a role playing game I’m always selecting to play races other than human, something that is more exotic, - something that will give me a new experience. That was the thought behind playing ghosts in this game- lets’ play from a different perspective. Yes, we should keep what worked in other games, but let’s improve on it where we can but also give the player a new perspective to help spice up a traditional genre. So if one were a ghost, would it be fun or would it be a terrible curse, or maybe both? Would it be a help or be a hindrance.

            Also maybe it’s due to my Cal Arts story training, but I tend to like to make comedy adventures similar to movies like the original Batman, Iron Giant and The Incredibles- stories that have a serious plot but have a lot of comedic situations. Tim Burton, Spielberg and Bard Bird all tend to make movies like this, so they must have been an influence. Monkey Island is great farce and I love other farces like Airplane, Blazing Saddles and anything Monty Python, but I like making stories that are a bit more serious, where the consequences of the characters actions have dramatic effects on their lives.

            So playing as ghost, playing more than one character, and the game having a more serious tone are what I hope will make Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island stand out from other pirate games. Plus I hope it looks good to everyone as well.


  1. I don't think there are that many recent pirate games out there. At least not many good ones (Save Zak & Wiki).
    I think pirate craze has been fading out in the last few years and this game is just what it needs to bring it back to the spotlight. Plus by the time this game gets released, hype over the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be starting to bubble over.

    PS Screen shots look incredible!

  2. Make us proud Bill. I can't wait.

  3. I think it'll be great. Pirates never go out of style, and almost everyone likes them (except for those pesky ninjas).

  4. So in the three forums i put infos about G.P.V.I. (,,
    almost the people think positive about
    another pirate-adventure. special about
    another pirate-adventure OF YOU! we all
    know and love your grafic-design in CMI,
    and the first screens from gost pirates
    are awesome !!! hope we see more in the
    near future... THX for create this game!

    perhaps the game will sell unbelievable
    good and you have the money to buy the
    rights for monkey island from lucas arts
    and build ab a new guybrush-adventure
    in team with gilbert, schafer & grossman ;-)

    greets from germany

    The Deathrider

  5. I think a pirate game is a good thing. But try to make a story that change people. Some examples:

    - Can a funny game learn people to be funny, still be fun to play and have a good story?

    - Is it possible to make funny games that can change people to care about environment?

    WAKE UP! This should be the end of romantic game period.

    Today almost all game industry makes games only to earn money. But what purpose do these games really have?

    Do AME want to be an empty egg like most game companies? You earn money, okay. But don't you want to earn a double or maybe triple amount of money. To get in media and be written in history books in high school? Don't you want to be more popular and have games that everybody talks about?

    Why do you want to be like all other game companies, when you could be become as big as Microsoft. Is it possible, yes!

    But you need to make games that change the world. That change people ways of thinking. Games that everybody need to buy, because they want to change they're life.

    AME has done it good so far. But these kinds of price you’re getting are NOTHING!!! Again, NOTHING. If you want to really be something, then you need to make a game that everybody needs to play. A game that people don't play just to play. But a game that people need to function in real life. But this kind of game should be such that they still can function in real life, but in a better way. When they "forget" the way to behave they walk toward this game.

    How do you do that? Media is the answer. You need to make same kind of funny games you do, but with a story that change people way of thinking.

    1. May 2009 should be the new game age named realistic game age with purpose to change people to the better. Help people with depression, games that can stop wars, games that can change everything wrong with this world.

    A purpose with realistic literature was to change the world. Now must of young people don't read literature. They play games.

    However, think like NOBODY have done before and you could become as big as Microsoft.

    This may be a new way of thinking. Decide AME! How should AME be remembered. Do you want to be an empty egg, do you want to be a looser. Don't you want to be important?



    My pseudonym: Man with angle arm

  6. Wow, people are going crazy here! Good luck with this game. I like the idea of playing as a ghost pirate, it could be interesting and original...

  7. Sounds like an interesting project Bill, can we have lots of concept art posts please? :)

  8. Bill, you are my idol. This sounds like the perfect project, and I'm jealous because I can only imagine how much fun you will have making it.

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