Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Everybody!

CASTLE WARG, Draxsylvania (October 31, 2010) – At last, episodic vampires! Autumn Moon Entertainment unveils A Vampyre Story: Year 1, the macabre point-and-click adventure series for the iPad, with PC versions to follow.

Mona, opera-starlet-turned-vampire, and Froderick, wisecracking bat, return in this episodic prequel to the award-winning A Vampyre Story. Help the pair explore more of Castle Warg and Draxsylvania™, solve fiendish puzzles, and outwit hideous new creatures. The Year 1 series will stave off ravenous fans till the official sequel, A Vampyre Story 2: A Bat’s Tale, hopefully ships next fall.

See and for more. For all inquires about A Vampyre Story 2: A Bat’s Tale, please Contact Crimson Cow.


  1. I'm actually disappointed, it will delay the sequel... But I'll probably but it anyway. Will Year 1 get a retail release on PC with all episodes on the disc?

  2. Uh,no and yes. No AVS2 is not delayed by AVS Y1 at all. It is delayed due to lack of investment in Crimson Cow, which is due to the bad recession. Please contact Crimson Cow about A Vampyre Story 2.We hope to have investment very soon.
    And yes, the plan is to make the game on iPhone/ iPad and port it to PC/DVD for downloads and then package them up with other goodies and sell them on PC/DVDs at retail stores.